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  • Classroom with teacher wall and desks
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  • Empty desks in the classroom
  • Ysgol Pennyffordd fully decorated classroom
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Ysgol Penyffordd, Penyffordd

In collaboration with Wynne Construction, BOYCO supplied our ‘Built to Last’ education furniture solutions to transform the newly built extension at Ysgol Penyffordd.


Case Studies / Ysgol Penyffordd, Penyffordd

Wynne Construction

Ysgol Pennyffordd fully decorated classroom
Classroom with desks, chairs and lockers

Project Scope

Close to the borderlands of Wales and England, Ysgol Penyffordd was first constructed in 2018 to offer a modern school learning facility for primary school children.

Due to the success of this, a new project arose to extend the current building to increase the capacity of the school.





Tried and trusted for over 60 years, BOYCO were called into action after previously working with Wynne Construction on many other projects. Offering end-to-end delivery, starting from design to manufacture and install, our dedicated and friendly project management team provided a bespoke fixed furniture solution that suited the needs of the primary school classroom.

Teaching walls were installed as a focal point for learning. Integrated within the structure was storage in the form of draws and cupboards, and to utilise as much space as possible the doors of the Teaching Walls have integrated whiteboards. Along with this providing extra space to organise items and keep the area clutter free, it creates a collaborative environment. Teachers of Ysgol Penyffordd are able to both demonstrate learning points through writing and diagrams, which encourages interaction between the front of the classroom and the learners.

In the corner of the classroom, a resource area and sink were installed. Our in-house design team opted to have the sink at a lower level, perfect for use by primary school students who need access. This is a fantastic addition to the classroom, enabling a place for handwashing after subjects like arts and crafts which encourages independence and good hygiene practices in the classroom.

BOYCO's cloakroom furniture was also installed. Specifically designed to fit the corner of the classroom, we focused on ensuring it was both easily accessible and utilised as much space as possible.

As additional storage, lockers were installed on the opposite side of the room. Not only does this provide a secure space in which students can store items, but it also offers a suitable solution to reducing clutter in the classroom.

Bespoke Products

As per the BOYCO standard, all the metal work used for the cloakroom furniture is coated in our in-house pioneered ‘Hot Dip’ Nylon. This coating is 4 times thicker than powder coated alternatives for unmatched durability, perfect for a busy learning environment where there is potential for scratches and scrapes against the furniture. BOYCO’s ‘Hot Dip’ Nylon also boasts anti-microbial properties; 99% of all known bacteria cannot survive on the surface. Due to it being a high touch point area, it contributes to the health and safety practices of Ysgol Penyffordd.

Anti-microbial properties are found in our timber lacquer which is used in the cloakroom furniture, such as the peg rails and benching slats. This again promotes a hygienic classroom environment and meets with the school’s safety standards, even with daily use by the students.


Project Success

During and upon completion of the project, Team BOYCO visited Ysgol Penyffordd. This was both to assist in project management and to see the final results, as well as to view how the classroom looked once it was being used by staff and students.

The school expressed that they were overjoyed with the final results. They now have a great addition to their learning space for all primary school children, as well as teachers, present and in the future to enjoy.

Products in this case study:


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Cloakroom furniture in the classroom showing bags and coats hung on it
Classroom with teacher wall and desks

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Ysgol Pennyffordd fully decorated classroom
Ysgol Penyffordd, Penyffordd
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