Anti-Microbial Protection

Microbes are all around us. Some microbes, especially bacteria, are a high contamination risk and result in the spread of disease.

In recent years, demand has increased for products to control the risk of bacterial contamination. This is particularly important in areas where high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are important, including school and educational environments for children and young people.

All our timber is coated with anti-microbial lacquer and our ‘activate’ anti-microbial ‘Hot Dip’ Nylon is formulated to stop bacteria surviving on its surface therefore preventing the spread of 99% of all known bacteria.

This is an excellent complement to proper cleaning procedures and is effective against E.Coli Staphylococcus aureus, Legionella pneumophila, Salmonellla typhimurium and MRSA.

Highly configurable, modular educational furniture solutions for the Education environment.

educational furniture

Exclusive furniture solutions for the Healthcare environment; designed with the user in mind.

healthcare furniture and Grab Rails

Top of the league furniture to withstand the toughest demands of the Sport & Leisure environments.

Sports & Leisure Furniture

Invincible furniture systems for the toughest of environments; Prison, Police lockers, MoD and Fire Stations.

police storage lockers

Olga Primary School

Boyco provided an enhanced teaching space providing maximum space optimisation in a stunning design through our innovative storage solutions in keeping with the new school building.


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