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resource and sink area in a school classroom

Resource Areas & Sinks

Smart ideas for all areas of the classroom.

We focus on what is really important to our customers.  Whether you are designing for infant, junior or senior years, our specialist range provides all you need for your resource areas through to your kitchenettes and staffroom kitchens.

We have considered the most commonly used classroom designs to provide a range of pre-designed configurations, ready to use out of the box.

These are all available in BIM and the information provided in our product sections is a useful guide to specifying resource areas and kitchenettes of your own.

Precision engineered to provide an excellent fit and finish.

Resource Area Configurations

Kitchenette Configurations

Wall Cupboard Units

Base Cupboard Units

Corner Base Unit

Sink Base Unit

Belfast Sink Unit

Tray Units

Drawer Units

Open Shelf Units

Pigeon Hole Unit