Our unique Boyco Hinged Grab Rails

February 2020

Did you know? Our unique Boyco ‘Hinged Grab Rails’ are completely different to all other grab rails out there.

Designed with hospitals and healthcare facilities in mind, we have created easy to use grab rails for reduced mobility users.

Why are they unique?

Firstly, all our grab rails are ‘Hot-Dip’ nylon coated which means:

  • Advantages anti-microbe nylon coating
  • 4 x thicker than standard coatings at 250 microns
  • Longer life with little maintenance needed
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • All our 9 nylon colours are anti-microbial; this stops 99% of bacterial reproduction

Secondly, they are unique in that they have their very own Boyco ‘spring counter balanced arm’ which means that they can be raised and lowered just using finger-tip pressure – so you don’t have to get hold of the rail and lift it up.

Thirdly, all of our unique grab rails are made by our expert in-house Boyco factory team which means that we can guarantee the highest form of quality.

We’ve been making them for over 40 years – so we know what we’re talking about.

View our full range of hinged grab rails here! 

Our Boyco 'Spring counter balanced arm' is of great benefit to reduced mobility users as they don’t have to expend themselves raising and lowering the grab rail. Every rail that leaves our factory is adjusted so to ensure it stops at any point due to the correct tension levels. And we’ve demonstrated the difference! We once had an able-bodied customer try out a hinged grab rail that wasn’t spring counter balanced, only for them to find they couldn’t lift it. Therefore, Boyco’s hinged grab rail is special in providing unrivalled accessibility for our users.

Chris Harvey - Senior Estimator

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