Case Study

Bridglea Pupil Referral Unit

Boyco has been the brand of choice for fixed furniture and equipment for nearly half a century.

This project consisted of lots of unique requirements - Boyco installers rose to the challenge and did "an exceptional job".

"Boyco did an exceptional job of meeting our unique requirements on this project, and it didn’t stop at the initial installation! Boyco’s installers were regularly on hand to find innovative solutions to unexpected problems arising in the challenging environment – in particular children trying to climb on top of the Teaching Walls. I am very impressed with Boyco’s products and service and would recommend them to anybody looking for a bespoke solution for challenging environments."

Diane Hallworth, Bridglea PRU


All doors lockable, to secure the cabinets from pupil access.

Bespoke infill boxes installed to prevent children scaling the Teaching Walls.

Soft-close door hinges provided as standard, ensuring maximum longevity and quality.

25mm internal shelves for maximum weight bearing strength.

Colour scheme specifically suited to the Bridglea school environment.


On arrival for the installation, Boyco installers found that steel dado trunking had been installed along the Classroom walls, and the electric sockets were mislocated which caused them to clash with the electric source needed for the Teaching Walls. Our installers carried out all necessary remedial work to align the Teaching wall electrical access points to the wrongly positioned sockets on the dado trunking.

After successful installation of the Teaching Walls, we were informed by Bridglea PRU that children had been climbing up the side of the Teaching Walls by suspending themselves between the Teaching Wall and the classroom wall–in an attempt to get on top of the Teaching Walls and climb inside the cabinets. Boyco supplied & installed bespoke infill boxes to the corner of the necessary Teaching Walls, to prevent pupils being able to gain any access to the roof of the Teaching Walls.

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