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Sport & Leisure

Top of the league furniture to withstand the toughest demands of the Sport & Leisure environments.

– Changing Room Benching
– Locker Systems
– Fixed & Adjustable Shelving Systems

Associated Products:

– Door Hoops & Cycle Stands Invincible

League champions in furniture design

When it comes to creating the perfect sport and leisure facilities, Boyco is in another league. We’re the market leader in fixed furniture and we’ve been partnering with architects and contractors for over 50 years.

We understand that furniture for sport and leisure environments will be exposed to the most rigorous use and it is therefore imperative that the quality and durability of these systems is designed to the highest of standards.

We create stunning environments for our clients and ensure that our furniture solutions are tailored to your exact requirements. The Boyco furniture systems have been tried and tested and their timeless designs stand apart from the crowd. Heavy duty materials are used to ensure the structural integrity of our furniture remains intact in the most demanding environments.

Clever thinking

Innovation is where we start. Boyco’s inventive design team is the talent behind our range of furniture systems that combine striking design with ingenious features and astonishing space efficiency. These are supremely flexible and usable designs created specifically for your project.

Our quality standards are well known. We manufacture Boyco products in-house to the most stringent standards. We use unique techniques exclusive to us, like the Boyco 'Hot Dip' Nylon coating which ensures our products maintain their immaculate looks for years.

Bespoke service

Boyco's sport and leisure furniture solutions are bespoke. Each product is made to measure and is ready assembled so it fits exactly and performs perfectly. Sounds expensive? It isn’t.

The Boyco bespoke systems are incredibly simple to fit - saving contractors valuable time. Their astonishing longevity ensures they last for decades which means that even ten years on, Boyco systems look as good and perform as well as the day they were fitted.

Our sport and leisure furniture has been installed in the most demanding environments and has proved to withstand extreme use from the finest football teams to bustling local aquatics centres. Boyco’s furniture has always come out on top and continues to be the trusted brand of architects and specifiers.

Specialist Sporting services

The right collaborations are invariably behind the design projects that rise above the rest. We’ve been teaming up with architects for decades to help them deliver exceptional educational environments.

We support an architect’s design talent with a deep knowledge of the issues around fixed furniture, educational furniture and equipment, for educational settings. We help you create striking schemes that optimise every inch of space and take learning to another level.

Anti-Microbial Protection

Microbes are all around us. Some microbes, especially bacteria, are a high contamination risk and result in the spread of disease.

In recent years, demand has increased for products to control the risk of bacterial contamination. This is particularly important in areas where high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are important, including school and educational environments for children and young people.

All our timber is coated with anti-microbial lacquer and our ‘activate’ anti-microbial ‘Hot Dip’ Nylon is formulated to stop bacteria surviving on its surface therefore preventing the spread of 99% of all known bacteria.

This is an excellent complement to proper cleaning procedures and is effective against E.Coli Staphylococcus aureus, Legionella pneumophila, Salmonellla typhimurium and MRSA.

Hot-Dip Nylon

Our ‘Hot-dip’ Nylon coating is 100% renewable and safe and gives our products exceptional durability and longevity. Made from castor oil, an actual waste/scrubland product, this ensures we are totally committed to 'green' processes.


Environmentally friendly - extracted from a renewable source and non-toxic

‘Not cold to the touch’ - meeting DDA requirements

Impact resistance - such that when test hammered steel tube distorts before coating is damaged

Abrasion resistance - about 500x more resistant than the best oven-baked paints

Excellent hygiene properties

Outstanding chemical resistance

Class 1 fire resistance

Electrically insulating

Available in 9 standard colours



Highly configurable, modular educational furniture solutions for the Education environment.



Exclusive furniture solutions for the Healthcare environment; designed with the user in mind.

Sport & Leisure

Sports & Leisure Furniture

Top of the league furniture to withstand the toughest demands of the Sport & Leisure environments.

Emergency & Secure

Emergency Secure 1

Invincible furniture systems for the toughest of environments; Prison, Police lockers, MoD and Fire Stations.