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Todmorden Fire Station, West Yorkshire

Showcasing our market leading solutions for the emergency services, BOYCO was proud to support a major contractor in a Fire Station kit room refurbishment project for the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Seamlessly blending functionality with safety standards, we transformed a space where firefighters could both store equipment and change into uniform.


Case Studies / Todmorden Fire Station, West Yorkshire

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Project Scope

Located in the South Pennines Moorland area, Todmorden Fire Station serves a population of 16,023, with a speciality in wildfire firefighting, catering to the vast landscape that surrounds it.









Due to this, the Fire Station must have appropriate changing and kit storage facilities, ensuring ample space for the daily tasks of fire men and women. This led to a requirement for an update to the Fire Station including fixed furniture and equipment. We worked with the contractor to develop solutions that are durable to withstand heavy equipment and easy to clean to maintain hygiene standards.

We were approached by project architects to join forces on the design. Drawing on our almost 60 years of expertise in fixed furniture design, and knowledge of the needs of the emergency services, our in-house design team couldn’t wait to get started on this exciting project. They meticulously addressed the unique requirements of the Fire Station by crafting a custom storage rack featuring a bolted-on grill. The addition of this specially selected grill ensures it is dependable to withstand heavy gear, and the gaps in the fitted grill contribute to airflow, perfect for drying sodden items.

For hanging uniforms on the structure, we opted for T-pegs which are known for their durability and backed by our lifetime guarantee. These 'unbreakable' pegs have been made with no protruding top hook, helping to prevent fabric from catching which allows quick removal access for the firefighters – a crucial factor during emergency callouts where every second counts.

Bespoke Products

Metalwork on the custom storage rack received a 'Hot Dip' nylon coating, as per the BOYCO standard. Extracted from renewable sources, this coating ensures product longevity in even the most rigorous environments – boasting a durability 500x that of the next powder-coated alternative. In addition, it also has a Class 1 fire rating, meeting the highest British Standard grade, and ensuring minimal flame spread in case of fire.

Along with positively contributing to durability, our ‘Hot Dip’ nylon coating exhibits Anti-Microbial properties which reduce the spread of 99% of known bacteria, complimenting the cleaning methods already used at the Fire Station.

Although bespoke designed to meet Todmorden Fire Stations needs, the kit room storage rack was delivered to site fully assembled. Designed for quick installation in any setting, BOYCO focused on minimising disruption and adhering to the project time scale set by the customer and contractor. This was especially important in this case due to it being an emergency service setting.


Project Success

On completion of the project, Team BOYCO were pleased to be invited to the site hand over day, to view the results and meet with both contractors, fire personnel, and other subcontractors working on the project. It was great for us to get the chance to visit the finished refurbished Fire Station and we were proud to work on this project that supports the emergency services.

Following this, we received fantastic feedback from Todmorden Fire Station and the contractor involved.

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