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Thomas Bewick School, West Denton

Teaming up with Robertson Construction, BOYCO helped transform a sensory room, resource areas, and table spaces for Thomas Bewick School.

Case Studies / Thomas Bewick School, West Denton

Robertson Construction


Project Scope

Situated in the Northeast town of West Denton, Newcastle upon Tyne; Thomas Bewick is a specialist school for autistic children and young people. Catering for just under 300 students aged 3 to 19 years old, with primary to post-secondary teachings, the school supports a range of learning and individual needs.











To ensure optimal specialist learning and development for their students, the need arose to refurbish the school’s sensory room and resource areas in classrooms.

Having worked with Robertson Construction on many jobs previously, they knew they could rely on BOYCO to cater to the specific needs of Thomas Bewick School.

Firstly, the school required a resource area which could house a small fridge, sink and worktop space. It had to be simple, easy to clean for health and safety purposes, and be sturdy enough for daily usage. BOYCO’s in-house design team worked with Robertson Construction and the customer to craft a kitchenette that suited their requirements. 16mm ‘Trespa’ The Solid Grade Laminate also provides durability to the worktop; and prevents wear and tear which keeps it looking like new for many years to come. Upstands were also included at the back of the worktops; not only to provide an aesthetically pleasing look but to offer extra wall protection against water splashes from the sink.

The same Solid Grade Laminate was used as a tabletop on desks for a computer area. This again adds a layer of additional protection to the fixed furniture and increases its durability despite daily usage. It was finished with a black trim, creating a sleek finish.

A refresh of their current sensory room was also requested, leading to bespoke wall and floor padding being chosen. This is to support the children in discovering, exploring, and experiencing their senses in a safe environment, which is of the utmost importance for Thomas Bewick School. Due to the school being a specialist for children and young people with a range of abilities associated with Autistic Spectrum Condition, the padding is a soft lilac colour. This is both calming and tranquil for the pupils due to preventing overstimulation, whilst still promoting creativity and contributing towards safe play in the sensory room.

Bespoke Products

Considerations were made for the use of Autism-friendly colours for the resource area. BOYCO’s designers opted to use a bespoke soft green tone on the cupboard doors. Keeping the colours muted aids in creating a calming effect which also makes the area secure. This allows the students to focus on learning and feel safe in the classroom area.

Locks were incorporated on the cupboard doors that require a key for access. This provides a neat and organised learning environment, whilst also allowing items to be stored securely. For example, the lockable resource areas are great for storing items that should be kept out of reach of children such as cleaning products, preventing accidents.  Creating controlled access for teaching and school staff ensures that the school can maintain a safe learning environment, to keep all classroom focus on learning.


Project Success

Following the completion of the project, Team BOYCO visited the school We viewed first-hand both the amazing work Thomas Bewick School does in providing a safe teaching environment for students with a range of abilities associated with Autistic Spectrum Condition, and the fantastic, finished product they received. Whilst attending the school, the customer also expressed that they were extremely pleased with the final results.

Team BOYCO is proud to have contributed towards the refurbishment of this SEND school, providing long-lasting and suitable solutions for pupils and staff, as well as catering to their needs.


Interested in finding out more about the bespoke products BOYCO can offer? Contact us here.


If you’d like to learn more about how colours can support different needs in learning environments, read our colour theory blog.


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