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Royal Oldham Hospital, Oldham

BOYCO recently undertook works at Royal Oldham hospital to support F Parkinson with a range of works, including the transformation of hospital storage areas. We provided a range of fixed furniture solutions to enhance this healthcare space.


Case Studies / Royal Oldham Hospital, Oldham

F Parkinson

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BOY001 01 RoyalOldham Stills 02

Project Scope

Part of our own home turf in Greater Manchester, the Royal Oldham Hospital, Oldham undertook a renovation and build project. As part of this, there arose a requirement for storage suitable for medical equipment and daily use in the major trauma unit.









WR5 racking with a 16mm SGL base was selected following drawings issued against the architects’ designs and in correspondence with F Parkinson. It was vital to Royal Oldham Hospital that the surface were wear and tear resistant and would withstand  impact, whilst being  easy to clean to ensure high standard hospital hygiene requirements could be  met.

Adhering to the premium  standard of all  BOYCO metal work, the steel frame for  the shelves underwent our ‘Hot Dip’ Nylon coating process. This offers unrivalled abrasion resistance, 500x more than the next leading powder  coating, ensuring that the racking was durable, able to withstand daily use in the busy hospital environment, and "Built to Last" in line with BOYCO values.

BOYCO’s unique “Hot Dip Nylon”, was a perfect match for Royal Oldham, due to its ability to stop bacteria surviving on its surface, therefore preventing the spread of 99% of all known bacteria.

Crafted to endure challenging environments, our racks also incorporate  an easy-lift solution for efficient cleaning practices and a 'sealed system’, meticulously designed without holes or slots to uphold the highest standards of medical hygiene.

Providing Excellent Service

Made to the clients’  bespoke order, our committed in-house design and project management team opted for SGL due to the products composition of both the superiority of our Hot Dip Nylon coating and easy to clean surface.

The products swift installation adaptability was also a crucial consideration during this project, given the time constraints within the hospital environment and working around a live site. Team BOYCO worked closely with F Parkinson to ensure minimal disruption. To further support F Parkinson and the projects lead times, BOYCO stored the product off-site, and communicated closely to ensure that delivery was arranged to cater to  the needs of time constraints.

Precautions were in place to ensure that BOYCO’s installers adhered to health and safety requirements. Being mindful of COVID, all installers and site visitors wore PPE in line with hospital guidance to protect patients, hospital staff, site staff, and members of the public.


Project Success

This project with F Parkinson led to the client expressing satisfaction and providing excellent feedback regarding the end result.

As part of the Greater Manchester community, Team BOYCO are pleased to have supplied this fantastic project and provided storage solution for Medical Professionals at Royal Oldham Hospital.


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BOY001 01 RoyalOldham Stills 04
BOY001 01 RoyalOldham Stills 05

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