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Kendal College, Cumbria

Collaborating with John Turner Construction, Team BOYCO was approached to transform Kendal College’s newly built T-Level Construction Block with our fixed furniture solutions, with the customer requesting Work Tops, Cupboards, and Shelving.


Case Studies / Kendal College, Cumbria

John Turner Construction Group

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Project Scope

Located on the outskirts of the Lake District, Kendal College focuses on its ethos of 'Creating Bright Futures'. Offering a variety of courses, from A-Level to Degree, to a range of ages they sought to enhance their classroom space and create a practical yet comfortable learning environment.










A requirement from the client was for the product to be manufactured and  installed as whole package something which BOYCO, with our own British Factory and expert installation team, was readily available to provide.

Due to tools being frequently used as part of the learning experience and construction curriculum; it was important for the worktops in the T-Level block to be robust and able to withstand repeat impact.

Due to this, our in-house team of designers opted to use Econo-Top worktops. Suitable for workstations, the material boasts optimal scratch and wear resistance; perfect for the construction-focused classroom, and therefore a great choice for the customer.

Merinolam FR+ Laminate Sheet, in the style of ‘Castle Concrete’, was used on the exterior of the worktop after our sales team provided samples of different options to the contractor, to support with final design decisions. Not only did this add to the durability due to its phenolic resin coating which creates flame retardant properties, but it was cost-effective and provided a clean aesthetic finish to the classroom worktops.

Quality Bespoke Products

5 Tier adjustable shelving was installed within the Construction Block Storerooms. As per the BOYCO standard, all our metal work has been processed with our ‘Hot Dip’ Nylon coating. 500x abrasion-resistant than the next powdered coating alternative, it is easily able to withstand daily usage by the students for many years to come. This is particularly vital in a construction learning environment, where heavy and sharp tools are frequently used, therefore reflecting BOYCO’s ‘Built to Last’ exceptional quality.

Our ‘Hot Dip’ Nylon also contains Anti-Microbial properties. Formulated to stop bacteria from surviving on its surface, it prevents the spread of 99% of all known bacteria. Beneficial to Kendal College, it contributes to the health and well-being of all in the classroom and complies with school safety standards.

In addition to the adjustable shelving, fixed Wall Cupboards were installed in the Workshops. This storage solution ensures that students have easy access to the materials and items that they need to keep close to hand whilst working on the worktops below. The multiple storage areas help to keep the Workshop environments tidy due to equipment being organised behind the cupboard doors.

Whilst completing the works on site at the College, we were notified that underfloor heating was present in the areas that BOYCO were due to fit out. We were quick to work closely with John Turner Construction to provide a solution to ensure that this wouldn’t impact the design and install. This was not a problem for us, as with over 60 years of heritage in the manufacturing business, we overcame this obstacle by utilising suitable shallow screws and fixings to avoid puncturing the structure underneath.


Project Success

Throughout the project, from design to install, Team BOYCO visited the site to ensure exceptional standards were delivered at each and every project touchpoint.

Joining forces with John Turner Construction, we worked meticulously to ensure Kendal College’s requests were met. This resulted in the construction block being finished to an impeccable standard.

Creating a fantastic end result, BOYCO is super proud to have worked on this project and to have positively contributed to the learning environment of future construction industry workers.

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SAM 6386
SAM 6381

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