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Bishop David Brown School, Woking

Collaborating with PCP Contractors, Team BOYCO transformed the food technology room  at Bishop David Brown School to create a space perfect for students to learn food and nutrition.


Case Studies / Bishop David Brown School, Woking

PCP Contractors

Kitchen Workstation with 2 Hobs
Kitchen Workstation at Bishop David Brown School

Project Scope

Located in Woking, Northwest Surry, Bishop David Brown School’s ethos is focused on ‘Enabling all to Excel’. To foster this environment, recent refurbishments have taken place. As part of this we worked to renew their food technology room; crafting kitchen workstations that seamlessly blend with the current school aesthetic whilst being fully functional for usage.













Catering to students who are learning to cook and working towards food and nutrition qualifications, BOYCO supplied and installed fully fitted kitchen areas, complete with appliances, cupboards, sinks, and workstations.



Working closely with the customer to ensure their needs were met, our in-house design team designed the worktops of the workstations to be rounded at the ends.

Eliminating any sharp corners, the rounded edges reduce obstructions allowing students to navigate more effectively, an essential requirement in a high-traffic classroom environment. Due to this classroom hosting an interactive, practical approach to learning, hot items are commonly carried within lessons. The rounded edges reduce the risk of students bumping into the surface.  Accidental contact can occur, and therefore removing pointed edges of a square or rectangular shaped work surface contributes  to a safe space.

The softer edge of the worktop s is also a more comfortable option than the usual square. Students and teachers can both lean and touch the worktops whilst participating in practical food technology sessions, which enhances collaborations and creates a welcoming and engaging environment for all.



Final selections of colours for the classroom took place to ensure that Team BOYCO both matched the preferences of Bishop David Brown School and that the chosen tones and pigments complement the overall design. It was decided to use a neutral colour palette for the food technology classroom.

A fantastic choice, neutral colours give a contemporary aesthetic to the workspaces, whilst creating a calm atmosphere for students. Neutral colours are also a popular option due to their versatility; they complement the majority of accent colours enabling the food technology walls to be updated with different paint when desired.

Want to learn more about Colour Theory in education spaces? Read BOYCO’s insights here.


Seating Options

Differing what is commonly seen in a classroom, stools were selected as a seating option. A practical solution, they provide flexible seating due to matching the height of the worktops, along with ease of movement and storage where needed in learning. If they need to be moved from pathways when students are cooking this can easily be actioned; they can easily be stowed away, allowing students and teachers to use as much of the classroom space as possible.


Bespoke Products

Tried and trusted for over 60 years, we are dedicated to providing long-lasting solutions for our customers, and this was no different for Bishop David Brown School. Specific focus was on creating a lasting and efficient learning space, whilst still offering an eye-catching appearance.



Solid Grade Laminate worktops were chosen for the kitchen area. Durable and highly resistant to wear and tear, they were a perfect match to the customers’ requirements. Even under heavy daily use by teachers and students, the worktops will remain in great condition. This longevity allows focus on learning rather than teachers and students having to think about preventing damage the workspace. SGL is also a non-porous material, which in the food technology classroom contributes to the school’s excellent hygiene standards as spills can easily be cleaned and worktops maintained.

For schools, Solid Grade Laminate is also a great choice due to its cost-effectiveness. A robust option with low maintenance upkeep, they are a great long-term option for learning spaces that require specialist surfaces. Even with exposure to the use of knives and other kitchen tools; scratches, cuts, and heat damage do not appear as easily, creating a fantastic lasting appearance in the food technology rooms.



Along with BOYCO’s built to last fixed furniture products, the following appliances were installed:

  • For storage of perishable food, refrigerators were included, providing students with quick access to ingredients when participating in practical learning.


  • Ovens and hobs for each workstation were also installed. An essential for effective cooking, they allow Bishop David’s students to explore various recipes and techniques to encourage food health knowledge and safety. Ensuring that as much space as possible was used, the appliances are integrated, rather than stand-alone.


  • To contribute to the cleanliness of the food technology room, dishwashers were selected due to their ability to quickly wash cooking equipment and utensils, getting the classroom ready for the next lesson.


Storage in the Classroom

Perfect for aprons, chef whites, and storing students coats and bags, our market leading  'Hot Dip' nylon-coated peg rails were also installed. ‘Unbreakable’, the specialist coating creates unparalleled abrasion resistance – 500x that of powdered coating alternatives. Even with daily student usage, our pegs stay functional, due to the resistance against chips, scratches, and wear over time. Promoting independence and tidiness, food technology students can organise their belongings, which if left in the workstation aisles pose a tripping hazard along with a health and safety risk.

Along with abrasion resistance, our ‘Hot Dip’ nylon also offers anti-microbial resistance, offering protection against 99% of all known bacteria. This is beneficial for the classroom, as due to it being a food preparation yet high touch point space, it is another step of contribution to the health and safety standards required in the school.



Project Success

On completion of the project, both BOYCO and PCP contractors came together to view the final finished food technology room. A great result, the food technology classroom is now fully fitted with bespoke high-quality furniture and appliances, enhancing the learning experience of Bishop David’s students by optimising the functionality of the space. Perfect for practical learning, students are now able to explore different aspects of home economics and food nutrition, inspiring the next generation of careers such as chefs. teachers now also have a fantastic space to teach pupils, knowing that the selected ‘Built to Last’ furniture solutions will stand the test of time even in the busy environment of the food technology classroom, something of which Team BOYCO are proud to have contributed to.

When we chatted to the customer post project, they expressed how pleased they were with the final result, with PCP contractors saying…

"Overall the project has been a complete success and the Client is over the moon with the workmanship and product. Your fitters are tip top, see you on the next one".


Ready to transform an education space? Our friendly team at BOYCO is here to assist you every step of the way. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements. 

Rounded Worktop at Bishop David Brown School
Rounded Worktop with Leg at Bishop David Brown School

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