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Avanti Brook Primary School, Bishop’s Stortford

Through a collaborative effort with Ashe Construction, Team BOYCO successfully undertook the transformation of a classroom area.

Case Studies / Avanti Brook Primary School, Bishop’s Stortford

Ashe Construction

Avanti Brook Primary School
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Project Scope

Nestled in the heart of Bishop’s Stortford, Avanti Brook Primary School is dedicated to providing students with a holistic and challenging learning experience. Recognised for its commitment to educational excellence, the school endeavors to cultivate a nurturing learning environment. In pursuit of this commitment, Avanti Brook sought to enhance its classrooms.

Through a collaborative effort with Ashe Construction, Team BOYCO successfully undertook the transformation of a classroom area, crafting a space that seamlessly blends comfort with functionality for the benefit of students.







The furniture was crafted to cater to 30 students, featuring a lower split-level sink for accessibility. Storeroom shelving was also installed, increasing classroom storage space and provide teaching staff with the space to create an organised and efficient learning environment. This has allowed for quick access to learning materials, and teaching essentials that need to be kept close to hand.

Our dedicated in-house design and project management teams collaborated closely with architects to grasp the specifics of the client's requirements, ensuring the final product seamlessly complemented the school's overall aesthetic.

The selection of our bespoke Peg Rails and Sink Area were chosen due to the Primary Schools requirement for a practical, everyday solution. The ranges selected also provide comfort and functionality for pupils, making them perfect for the classroom environment.

Following a joint approach between BOYCO's project management team and Ashe Construction, along with our competitive pricing, the project was successfully fitted and completed within a 2-week timeframe.

Quality Bespoke Products

The spaces that house the Split Height sink area and Cloakroom Benches were anticipated to be frequently used by students, so it was important for us to place a high emphasis on both durability and hygiene.

As per the BOYCO standard, our timber is twice coated with our anti-microbial lacquer designed to prevent the spread of 99% of known bacteria, contributing towards a clean and safe learning environment.

Additionally, all our metal work is coated in our 'Hot Dip’ Nylon, offering an unparalleled abrasion resistance that surpasses powder-coated paint alternatives by 500X. This robust solution ensures a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing product, contributing to the overall visuals of Avanti Brook Primary School.


Project Success

This project with Ashe Construction resulted in the client expressing full satisfaction with the product, followed by positive feedback.

Team BOYCO are proud to have contributed to the delivery of this excellent project and are thrilled to have transformed learning spaces for pupils at Avanti Brook.


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