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workbench worktop in a school laboratory


An unparalleled range of practical solutions.

We offer an unparalleled range of workbenching solutions with various configurations to suit your unique requirements. Among our range of supremely practical work top systems we offer the unique Waterfall™ worktop specifically designed for wet areas.

This ingenious worktop incorporates a moulded polyurethane bullnose which surrounds the worktop to provide unmatched water retention properties. A 3m long Waterfall™ worktop can retain 1 litre of water making it the perfect solution for wet areas which are prone to spillages.

We also offer the premium TrespaTop worktop which is supremely heavy duty and ideally suited to areas of extremely heavy use such as Design and Technology workshop areas.

Our wide range of support legs and configurations are the perfect complement to our worktop systems and have been successfully used in many applications by our clients across a wide array of projects. These support legs are manufactured to the highest standards and are all coated with Boyco’s unique ‘hot dip’ nylon powder to offer a supremely durable finish.

The Beehive™ foot is another fantastic feature that is offered on a wide range of our support legs and protects the base of the leg from any impacts or collisions whilst providing superior aesthetics.

We also offer a unique 10 year guarantee on all our "Hot-Dip" nylon coated products ensuring absolute peace of mind for our clients.

Hot Dip Anti-Microbial


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