National Apprenticeship Week

Empowering Futures: Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week at BOYCO

February 2024

BOYCO is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week! Did you know BOYCO is proud to have our own apprentice, Chloe, as part of the Team?

Running from the 5th to the 11th of February, our attention turns to those who both learn and earn, as well as chatting with our very own digital marketing apprentice about her journey so far. Exploring the advantages for the aspiring apprentice, the business, and the community, we look deeper into this alternative learning journey.

Apprenticeships offer another path to career development, bypassing conventional education. This approach provides an opportunity to gain valuable qualifications of different levels and tangible insights into the working world of the chosen field. They play a significant role in the construction sector, which in 2020/2021 saw the third highest rates of starts*.  The manufacturing sector, in particular, values apprenticeships for the practical skills and real-world experience they provide.

*Credit: Department of Education Statistics GOV.UK, Olivia Garbutt,2022.


BOYCO’s Commitment

Here at BOYCO, we are proud to have used the apprenticeship route when recently hiring for our marketing department. This has provided us with the opportunity to help our Digital Marketing Apprentice Chloe, develop her skills whilst training on the job gaining practical experience, and allows her to learn from our Marketing Manager who boasts 10 years of expertise in the field. We feel that this, combined with theoretical learning via a virtual classroom offers a great learning and development experience, that we hope will equip Chloe with everything that she needs to grow in her marketing career.

Supporting our apprentice reflects our forward-thinking approach to talent and our dedication to employee development. Through the 12-month apprenticeship programme, we aim to help our apprentice strike the perfect balance between long-term learning that is tailored to both Chloe’s future aspirations, and her skills helping to play a key part in our business growth strategy.

Our commitment to the Greater Manchester area is evidenced by not just hiring from the community, but the presence of our purpose-built manufacturing facility and adjacent office. This strategic location facilitates a streamlined learning experience for our apprentice, who has easy access to all the necessary resources required for their on-the-job training.

Our Apprentice’s Journey

We chatted to our very own Apprentice, Chloe about her current experience:

I joined BOYCO to break into marketing, driven by my passion for online and social media. Having managed multiple social media accounts in the past, I aimed to diversify my skills. Despite my initial worries about my age due to not being a school leaver, BOYCO were more than happy to take me on and informed me that this is a common misconception regarding apprenticeships. Three months in, the experience has surpassed my expectations, and I’ve gained invaluable technical and soft skill knowledge I wouldn’t have learnt attending a university. I have partaken in opportunities, such as attending the Learning Places Scotland Conference and Exhibition, gaining insights into the world of public sector procurement, and how BOYCO supports our clients with this, which can then be utilised in my digital marketing content.

We asked Chloe what skills and knowledge she has learnt so far during her apprenticeship:

In my current role, I’ve developed and implemented digital marketing strategies to elevate BOYCO’s online visibility and engage our target audience. I have collaborated with my colleagues from different departments in content creation, contributing positively to effective campaigns. I have successfully learnt to conduct market research, grasping trends in Fixed Furniture, Public Sector, and customer needs. Guided by Marketing Manager Jess, I look forward to the future and exciting upcoming projects such as deep diving into the world of SEO to enhance BOYCO’s search rankings.

Tips for Aspiring Apprentices

For those wishing to delve into the world of Apprenticeships, we have some recommendations:

  1. 100% Commitment

Apprenticeships, like a traditional qualification path, require significant input from both the business and potential employees. It is vital to balance the requirements of work and your course, through both planning and conversations with your coaches, this is something which can be well achieved.

  1. Network

Attend industry events, webinars, and networking events. This will allow you to connect with professionals in your chosen field and gather information which you wouldn’t otherwise have access to in traditional education. We also recommend joining online forums, to stay on top of industry trends.

  1. Learning Mindset

It’s important to be open to obtaining new information and have an eagerness to learn and adapt to new technologies and strategies. Feedback is also vital to this, ensuring you are both confident in receiving and giving constructive opinions to better apprentice learning and the business.

  1. Soft Skills

Although gaining industry knowledge is vital for development, as an apprentice it is recommended to invest in soft skills too. Communication, Teamwork, and problem-solving hold weight in any job role giving a competitive advantage towards career development.

  1. You are valued

As an apprentice, you’re an integral part of the working team, embarking on the early stages of your career journey. Always bear in mind that you are a valuable asset to any business, capable of offering fresh perspectives.


National Apprenticeship Week acknowledges and celebrates the significant contributions that apprenticeships bring to businesses, whilst raising awareness of how essential they are in aiding workforce development. These programmes provide an alternative personal and professional route for those who don’t find traditional education suitable for their needs and aspirations, offering a significant boost to their career journey from the very start.

To view more insights from Team BOYCO on a range of topics, please visit our blog.  Or, to learn more about what we do, please click here.

Want to know read about our current apprentice? View our Q&A.

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