BOYCO's in-house wood has been accredited FSC and PEFC Certification

FSC® and PEFC Certification | BOYCO Achieves Sustainable Sourcing

May 2024

Stepping forward on our sustainability journey, BOYCO’s in-house timber has been awarded FSC and PEFC Certification.

A monumental achievement, we are proud to be part of creating a sustainable future for the manufacturing industry.

Awarded by the Forrest Stewardship Council and PEFC organisation, this enables BOYCO to track the origins of the wood that is used in our fixed furniture solutions and have a positive contribution to the communities it is sourced from. From our ‘unbreakable’ peg rails to our ‘Built to Last’ cloakroom benches, rest assured that all timber used originates from sustainable forests.


What is FSC Certification?

FSC Certified C200392

FSC Certification is a world-renowned, trusted accreditation, showcasing a business’s commitment to sustainable sourcing of timber. Whether for furniture construction or product packaging, the timber used can be traced back to forests across the globe that are safeguarded against deforestation and destruction. FSC currently cover over 160 million hectares of forests and have over 50,000 FSC certification holders. This enables choice for all, and the option to purchase products which support responsible forest sourcing.

The FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, also fosters an eco-system of forest managers, businesses, non-profits, and other organisations to promote community rights for Indigenous people and workers, ensuring a fair wage and work environment. BOYCO has been certified with chain of custody, meaning that all the wood that we source for production in our factory has been obtained from FSC approved forests.


What is PEFC Certification?

pefc label pefc16 37 2546 PEFC, or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, endorses different forest certifications which are tailored to the diverse communities they surround. They provide an independent verification that all timber and forest-based materials come from forests which are sustainably managed.

Obtaining PEFC certification allows BOYCO to provide you access to products which comply with local legislation and follow sustainable practices. We have specifically obtained chain of custody PEFC certification for all our in-house timber, which assures our customers that we only use wood from sustainable forests.


Why did BOYCO want to obtain FSC and PEFC Certification?

Management of forestry ensures that there is a balance between the environment, economy, and community. Purchasing products that hold FSC and PEFC Certification guarantees that you are personally contributing towards protecting the environment, and biodiversity prevention. Without these protection organisations, irreversible damage could occur to the world’s ecosystem which could cause a lasting impact on plants, animals, and human life.

Along with the natural world, the not-for-profit organisations provide protection for workers who source the timber. This stops exploitation in areas that have limited workplace rights, upholding both safety and fair pay. This has a positive effect on the community, boosting the local economy and improving welfare.


BOYCO’s Journey to FSC and PEFC Certification

BOYCO is proud to provide FSC and PEFC certified products

Here at BOYCO, we embarked on gaining certification due to our commitment to our sustainability plan, the communities surrounding forests we source timber from, and the wider environment.

To obtain FSC certification we ensured that all our timber was sourced from FSC-certified forests, and it was both identifiable as well as tracked from origin through to final product. Team BOYCO also demonstrated that we follow strict documentation and record-keeping procedures regarding the wood that we use from production to customer purchase.

Finally, we meet the council’s core requirements with labour and workers:

  1. No forced or child labour

  2. No employment or occupation discrimination

  3. Employees have freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

Following the submission of our application which included detailed actions that BOYCO have taken to meet the FSC standards, an assessment took place by the certification body. We also completed an FSC check, submitting our trading and production information to the awarding body. After all of this was successfully verified, we received approval of the certification and confirmation that we can produce and sell FSC-certified products.

For PEFC certification we followed a similar process. To earn the verification, we had to again ensure that there were identification and tracking procedures in place for all materials from purchase to sale; this was not a problem for Team BOYCO as these best practices were already implemented and adhered to. Following submission for review, we applied and welcomed an audit of our chain of custody system; comparing our timber sourcing and in-house processes to the standard that the PEFC require. After successfully passing the audit, BOYCO was awarded the PEFC certification for all our in-house timber.


The Future of BOYCO as an FSC-Certified Company

Verification of BOYCO’s forest sustainability doesn’t end here. With both awarding bodies, we will welcome annual audits, committing to the requirements that are to be met as per the chain of custody certification. This includes re-submitting all requested documentation regarding material source, production and purchases.

As a team, we are committed to:

We are proud to contribute to the future of sustainability in the manufacturing industry

• Responsibly sourcing all our in-house timber.

• Contributing towards reducing our carbon footprint.

• Upholding our ‘built to last’ furniture standard with sustainable materials.

• Being part of the future of sustainability in the FF&E and manufacturing industry.


BOYCO is incredibly proud to have obtained this monumental achievement and to contribute to creating a sustainable future. From our home county of Stockport to the Amazon Rainforest, we strive to positively make a difference towards safeguarding forests, woodlands, and other natural environments, along with the people and wildlife that surround them.


To learn more about BOYCO’s steps towards sustainability click here.

For more information on the FSC please visit here.

For more information on the PEFC please visit here.

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