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A bright idea for the environment!

October 2019

This summer, at Boyco we made the decision to upgrade to long life, low energy LED lighting throughout both our factory and office.

The project ran smoothly as we changed the lights to new LEDs in the office to throughout the factory, and outside too.

We chose to install ‘neutral white’ LEDs, with a temperature of 4000K giving us the optimum lighting colour for both office and factory use.

Did you know that LED lights are much safer for our office staff too? As they do not contain any harmful substances, as florescent lights do, as well as emitting very little heat when in use.

Thanks to this investment, not only are we helping to preserve our planet by reducing our carbon footprint, but we are also cutting costs as LEDs are significantly more efficient in their use of electricity in comparison to incandescent lights.

And we have already noticed the difference!

50,000 Life Expectancy of an LED Lamp, in Hours

21.91 Tonnes of CO2 Saved Every Year

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