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Choosing the right colour scheme for your fixed furniture

August 2022

Are you planning ahead for your projects? – Making sure you choose the right colours for your fixed furniture is super important.

Of course, we know how important it is for your project to look good, but in fact there are some other real psychological impacts that should be considered when choosing your colour scheme.

Traditionally, furniture has always been quite monotone and understated, however research has now proven that the choice of colour can have a significant impact on your mood and emotions, as different colours stimulate different brain functions.

For example, when considering your choices and options for your classroom or educational furniture you might want to take into account the fact that certain colours will create a different type of working environment for the children, in healthcare environments choosing the most appropriate calming colours for hospitals or inspiring choices to motivate champions in a sports and leisure environment.

Research has proven that a well-designed classroom can boost learning progress by 16%. Making the right colour choices are therefore really important and shouldn’t be undervalued.

The University of Salford.

Here are some examples of proven colour effects and moods:

  • Red is said to increase alertness and excitement, great for creating stimulating and exciting places but also can have almost danger connotations so beware of the impact on children who may be fidgety or restless.
  • Blue is more creative and a feeling of tranquillity, this can help lower blood pressure and reduce rapid heart rate – great for in a healthcare environment.*
  • Yellow is quite a positive colour evoking feeling of happiness and cheerfulness and can support concentration, boosting your learning environment.
  • Orange, an underused colour but a joyful colour with strong associations with the powerful energising linked with vitamin C – enhancing the feel-good emotion.
  • Green comes with connotations of the natural world and has bring a sense of calmness and it has been scientifically proven to aid concentration.
  • Pink is strongly associated with the more feminine feelings of love and romance and can be also encourage healing and calmness for all.
  • Whereas purple is associated with royalty due to the sense of passion and ambition that it conveys.

You will notice that within our Boyco range of fixed furniture solutions, we create a sense of balance by expertly combining more predominantly neutral colours and tones with the splash of the bolder more mood enhancing colours.

In order to support you in making the right choices for your fixed furniture projects, here at Boyco we have created our new Colour Selector guide which is an easy to use visual guide, that contains all of our different Boyco colour options in one place for you to explore in your own time.

To request your own copy of our Boyco Colour Selector please click here.

Our team are at hand to answer any questions that you may have or if you do want to have a closer look and experience first-hand the texture and colours please let us know and we can send you a sample.

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